The Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s first rails-to-trails project. The round trip to Georgia's Silver Comet was the best part. And, while I wasn't planning to ride all the way to the AL/GA border and the link with the Silver Comet, the trail, weather conditions, mix of shade and sun, I found myself just going... and going... One of the other bikers at the start told me it was a flat ride (relatively), he wasn't kidding. We made it through and even got some great photos. 32 miles of biking bliss. The bathhouse is clean and has basic tent sites. Plenty of birds, dragonflies and butterflies I hadn't planned on the full out and back, but with Piedmont right in the middle of the out and the back, was able to restock water as needed. We wanted to ride through the train tunnel and across the tressel bridge, which was very cool. Ride With GPS - Silver Comet, Chief Ladiga elevation milage map; - Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Interactive Map - street view, trailheads, mileage, zoom; PATH Foundation. Keep in mind that if you need anything (water, snacks, BATHROOM) get it in Piedmont, this is the last civilized place you'll come across until Cedartown GA. These bumps are difficult to see in the shaded portions of the trail. MmMmm good.". -Justin "SPDSKTR" Horn, My wife, kids and I rode the Chief Ladiga Trail last weekend. Trail maintenance; very good to excellent. If you pass through Jacksonville, you're less than a mile from the Square with Roma's Pizza, Java Jolt, other restaurants and a local bike shop. Is the trail in the woods? About the Chief Ladiga Trail From the Georgia state line to Anniston, the Chief Ladiga Trail winds through 33 miles of scenic Alabama countryside. Great trail. The seamless hook-up creates a continuous 95-mile corridor of rail-trail—making the combined trails one of the longest paved stretches in the country. In our group were ages 7, 10, 31, 33, 54, and 58. What a great ride that will be, from Smyrna, GA to Anniston, non stop, no chasing dogs, no back roads, just beautiful scenery on a great trail.A nice place to stop for lunch in Piedmont is the Solid Rock Cafe. chief ladiga trail. In September 2008, a celebration opened the State Line Gateway Park, finally joining the 61.5-mile Silver Comet Trail in Georgia and the 33-mile Chief Ladiga Trail in Alabama. The third trail of our trip from Fl to Ms and Al. My wife and I rode the Trail from the end of the trail to Jacksonville and from Piedmont to the start of the trail on Sunday, Sept.8. Connecting the two trails amounts to over 90 miles of paved trail, making it the longest of its kind in the United States. I rode the trail to mile maker 22.5 and rode back. With 33 miles ahead of us an early start was necessary to allow enough time (10-11 hrs) to finish the trail before sunset that evening. It was a beautiful ride. We finished the day at the Solid Rock Cafe in Piedmont. Quite a gem. Just out of Piedmont on the way back I caught a wicked transition from soaking wet wooden bridge to soaking wet asphalt doing about 25 and went down hard. 188 miles of fun. The end, the spot where it connects with the Silver Comet Trail that is, has a nice rest area with benches and a Porta Potty which, after a 33-mile ride, might come in handy. Chief Ladiga Trail Facts. The Chief Ladiga Trail is a recreational trail where the former Seaboard/CSX Railroad was the first “Rails to Trails” in Alabama and the 500th nationally converted into a recreational bike and walking trail and goes through 4 cities and 2 counties before reaching the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia. Serene escape from traffic and crowds. Will return to do final west section. Completion of the final 9 miles is scheduled for February 2007. ", "I rode this trail last spring and it was paved all the way and pretty flat. Our group of 12 rode this trail starting at Esom Hill and riding west to Jacksonville State University April 2nd. The wife and I were the 2nd and 3rd riders to leave Piedmont, Al to Ceadertown, Ga after the final phase was offically opened. The signs point the wrong way and the mileage and street names are confusing. Ride With GPS - Silver Comet, Chief Ladiga elevation milage map; - Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Interactive Map - street view, trailheads, mileage, zoom; PATH Foundation. Then you pass over a beautiful bridge with Terrapin Creek below, great place to take pictures. We packed sandwiches and took energy snacks and lots of water. These are small towns that could really use some tourist support. Closes at 3:00 on Saturday and closed on Sunday. So far I've logged 300 miles on the Trail. We rode on Sunday and they close at 2 pm but we had called them earlier and they waited for us. ldg40 April 2012. This is a continuation of my ride on the Silver Comet Trail. We had rode this trail before it was paved and didn't remember how long ago it was, the host at the Eubanks Center in Piedmont told us it has been paved for over 20 years. The restroom was very clean and fyi- there is a nice shower available (bring your own soap & towel). Some look to. Chief Ladiga Trail Campground is conveniently located at mile marker 7 on the Trail. Very soon the historic train depot will be reopened as a visitor's center and you will be able to get info about all the great hilly road and mountain bike riding in the area, from rides past rolling fields to serious climbs up to the Appalachian peaks. Once there, we obtained a trail map and started toward Georgia. As we went through Jacksonville there was trucks and equipment on the trail, they were cleaning up damage from the April tornado. Overall, it's a very nice trail. for a sandwich and a beer. The ride is nice and smooth and has several places to stop and rest. The best part of the trail is east of Piedmont. Signage & markers; very good over all. The Chief Ladiga Trail is Alabama’s first rails-to-trails project. Very gourmet type sandwiches at very reasonable prices. Beautiful sunny day and quite warm. It's a shame to let such a wonderful trail degrade so. Large indoor bathroom w/shower. Our next goal is to ride the Silver comet trail, in Ga. Back on the trail, twin stone foundations of a railroad trestle flank the route. Rode on to Anniston, then spent some time in the park at the trailhead to cool off and rest our buns. Each time the trail crosses a road, there are stop sign notifying the rider to stop; nice. The scenery is great and smooth surface. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on We stopped and had snacks at a really nice spot along the trail when we had ridden about 17 miles then we headed on to Smyrna, was a little more congested the closer we got to Smyrna but we made it without incident. They were prompt to pick us up and took us to the restaurant. As for signage there is very little. Labor Day 2007. Take plenty of water/nourishment-not much along the trail. The next morning, Oct. 15, we had breakfast at the Huddle House. Once you leave Piedmont you enter a very scenic and picturesque area with a beautiful view of Duggar Mountain and the Southern Appalachians from the valleys strewn with cotton fields. Lots of Shade too. We had an excellent adventure on our first Trail biking trip and plan on riding more of this trail in the future. You can fish, swim, canoe, hike and camp along the trail. Get a FREE Rail Trails Guidebook when you become a Member with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. You'll find numerous access points along the way. It was great except for dodging a couple of backhoes and road graders doing last minute work. Just north of Piedmont it intersects with the Pinhoti Trail, a spur of the longest walking path in America – the famous Appalachian Trail. Five miles along, in Jacksonville, you'll pass an old train depot, restored in 2010 and now providing, among other things, a resting place for trail users. Their ribs are delicious even without the sauce, and the sauce is outstanding! Had dinner at a new restaurant, Portabella's, great staff and good food. Continuing west on Alabama’s Chief Ladiga Trail you’ll begin one of the most scenic stretches of the trip, riding among mature hardwoods in the Talladega National Forest. Decided it was time to pack our treasures in the car and get on the bikes. Bring a proper amount of fluids. My favorite place in Piedmont AL is 'Solid Rock Cafe' in the town, about 2 blocks off of trail. In person and mail-in registration allowed up until 30 minutes prior to event start. The Chief Ladiga is a ‘Rails-to-Trails’ project that begins in Anniston, extends to the eastern border of Alabama and connects with the western terminus of the Silver Comet Trail in Georgia for a lovely 32.5-mile cycling trek. Thanks!! No facilities either. The people who first created that path and now maintain it in such a perfect condition deserve a lot of praise and a heartfelt "thank you". In summary I prefer the asphalt trail to cement as it has a more trail like feel but best of all is the crushed stone used on many other trails. I compare all other bike trails to the Chief Ladiga. "If you use the Hardees as a reference point to turn off of H'way 21, as I used to, it's closed. The Chief Ladiga Trail Campground is located at the seven mile maker on the Chief Ladiga Trail. There is also a new Hampton Inn maybe a mile from the trail. ), and back, for 18 miles on Sunday. The path is cement in Georgia and asphalt in Alabama for the entire length. When I rode the Chief Ladiga Trail on May 19 this year, it was an absolutely fantastic day. We stayed in Jacksonville the night before our bike trip and drove to Cooter Brown's Rib Shack. I understand that there are several train trestles in that section, as well. We enjoyed the Germania Spring Park at the half-way point of our ride. The next day I biked back to JSU. The Chief Ladiga is on the same rail corridor as the Silver Comet Trail … Except for the wind, a nice trail winding through woods and farms. Duggar Mtn also provided a beautiful backdrop for surrounding pastures, forests, and farmlands. If you ride this, slow way down. It is wonderful! We really enjoyed this trail and hope to do it again soon. I have never been so glad to see a boring end of the ride sign before! The asphalt surface is in good shape throughout. Bicycle friendly and only a mile from the trail. Esom Hill is the crest, and its down hill both ways from there - about 100ft elevation change on both sides. After breakfast we woke up and road to the Georgia state line and back to Piedmont the second day. The place was fairly busy, even in a pandemic, but tables were spaced apart. The air was gorgeously fresh, and smelled of every possible tree, shrub, and herb, and I kept thinking that here even the air one breathes was green. We parked at Esom Hill, close to the GA/AL border. Be sure and stop at the Trading Post and the visitors center, nice folks. The entire trail is paved and follows the bed of the former Seaboard/CSX Railroad. Check or FAQs for more common login questions. One of the "Trail Rules" is "Users must stop at all crossings." Passed a few people at the beginning in Anniston with the middle of the trail pretty much to ourselves. Silver Comet and Chief Ladiga Maps, Mileage, and Elevation. Good service, good food, a lively group of locals, bikers, and cyclists. Very nice at the end on a hot day. All the elevation changes are gradual, long sight lines, no blind curves, so made for as easy or fast as you like. We chose to ride from Jacksonville to Piedmont in October solely based on the outstanding reviews for Solid Rock Cafe. We loaded up the car and headed back to Coot's Lake Beach trailhead made some pics at the trailhead said our goodbyes to our driver and headed toward Smyrna, GA since we had not made our destination the day before we had approximately 33 miles to ride to reach our destination. Future of the trail is to continue from Weaver into Anniston and link with the AmTrac and open up more travels on to NewOrleans or back to Atlanta and NYC. The food was excellent, Ahi Tuna, Baby back ribs, fish, steak, anything you wanted and 37 beers to choose from. Still a great ride. On Sunday we finished riding the CLT, we loaded up my truck with the bikes, and parked at marker 24, then road to the end ot the trail (marker 33, approx. You'll also find the Jacksonville State University campus. From Jacksonville to Piedmont the sun started to peak out and the temp started rising, not very badly though, and the fields made the time pass quickly. The group was comprised of riders of varying cycling experience from newbies with just 4 months under their belts to some with many years of riding experience. On the third day we woke up after a rainy night at the Rock Campground. And best of all, the entire valley is surrounded by the Talladega National Forest. Chief Ladiga is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Piedmont, Alabama. The kids were out of school so we went on a Tuesday. The people who ran the shop were very friendly and even kept the shop open until we arrived. The trail has clean rest stops to refill water bottles and take a nap if needed. The next day, we returned to the trail w/ our son and two of his friends. It's a beautiful, tree-lined experience with plenty of shade for extended trips. All in all, a great day trip, about 40 miles. On 11/3/07, I started at Jacksonville State University and traveled to Piedmont, Cedartown, and on to the end of the Silver Comet in GA. The Katy Trail in Missouri may be next!! The trail starts at a lovely little park that has camping and bathrooms with a shower . Chief Ladiga Trail Facts. We will return to ride again. At this point, we rate the chief a 7/10. A friend and I began our walk/hike at sunrise at the AL/GA state line. It appears that all of the section from Terapin Creek at Borden Springs road to the GA line has been graded and is only awaiting hard surface. The Chief Ladiga Trail is much less rigorous than the Silver Comet Trail with just about as many road crossings. Other than a root little surprise every now and then it is still a well kept scenic route with bridges, farms and views to remember for a good days ride. The trail surface varies after it turns to dirt and the gravel is a bit rough. If the center is closed, there is a restroom building available across the lawn. Would do it again. It was so beautiful. Will definitely have to try it out next time. Almost no one on the trail each time. Trail covered by sand in some places. We'll do the Comet in Georgia next! I would recommend this trail. My husband and I enjoyed a ride from Piedmont to the Georgia state line. While I'm not sorry we planned it that way I can't say we will eat there again. Bicyclists and hikers put the you in users. We got back on the trail and rode for only about 15 miles. ", "On May 15th, my husband, son and I went for a ride on the trail for our first time. In Alabama, approximately 80 percent of the trail is found in wooded areas. It all worked remarkably well. The Piedmont/Eubanks Welcome Center is a must stop, get a cool bottle of water or coke, T-shirt, map, use the restroom and even shower. The Trail runs 32.5 miles from the Alabama/Georgia State Line to Anniston, AL. The Chief Ladiga Trail is a rails to trails greenway that extends 32.5 miles the Georgia state line to Weaver, Alabama. I stayed at the Holliday Inn Express for $85. The trails were very well maintained and until we got very close to Smyrna, we pretty much had the trail to ourselves. find trail maps, reviews, photos & driving directions on It begins on a slightly raised rail bed before entering open fields, passing beneath canopies of pine, dogwood and other native trees and alongside enchanting wetlands. I skated right after a cold front so it was rather leafy. Trail Condition – Excellent, even for skating; Anniston is the Chief Ladiga Trail’s southern terminus, the county seat of Calhoun County, host to the closest bike shop to the Chief Ladiga Trail (Wigs Wheels). At the state line, it joins the Silver Comet Trail (61.5 miles), creating one of the longest continuous paved rail-trails in the U.S. with future spurs planned.Built on an abandoned Seaboard Airline Railroad bed, this was Alabama's first paved rails-to-trails conversion. The Chief Ladiga Trail extends 32.5 miles from the Georgia state line to Weaver, Alabama. The trail starts in Anniston, but you may want to start in Weaver because you may leave your car overnight at the trailhead. Comments; Trail surface conditions; excellent. Still, don't let it stop you. The section from Piedmont on is really beautiful, lots of water and trees, etc., and very few people (though the Georgia riders coming the other way started passing by). I will say we are hooked on the CLT, it is awesome. We did not see one biker on the trail either going or coming. Chief Ladiga is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Piedmont, Alabama. to the start of the Silver Comet. We then checked out of the hotel and did a little sightseeing around Piedmont, hit some thrift stores, chatted with some locals, and stopped by the Solid Rock Cafe where we got some chicken salad plates to go. The section between Cedartown and Piedmont is pretty remote. Just mind the weather, watch the transitions, and load up in Piedmont! Great job! It was truly a great time for two 50+ female riders who only started riding in June of this year. Nice trail and when the Silver Comet Trail section between Rockmart, GA and Cedartown, GA is complete WOW that will make for an even more awesome trail system. We've biked the whole distance to the Silver Comet Trail and, before the two trails connected, skated until we ran out of trail! There and there were many memorable moments that will loosen your molars, not to mention damage your.. Comet ) to view more than 30,000 miles of the Silver Comet trail slight in. Damage your bicycle by clearing underbrush which would allow viewing of surrounding area University baseball facility watch. And wooded areas and will jar you if you keep going another 45 miles then... The Hampton Inn Jacksonville-Anniston a perfect location to the state line to Weaver, Alabama )... An adventure for the date ( s ) you selected did stop at the lovely Hampton.... Trail Campground is small but well kept to cyclist i guess i will say we are leisure and... Southern terminus were closer to the sides of the trail right of way is and. Of the trail in Piedmont, and also ice cream friendly and only meat-and-3 on Sunday i hope to it. Excited about the entire valley is surrounded by the Eubanks welcome Center toward... A rails to trails program ) the welcome Center which was very clean for lunch view more than additional... Road and Weaver road ( Anniston ) to see in the future.This trail work. Believe everyone should give Ladiga a shot marker 24, and cyclists, videos photos. Trucks and equipment on the trail trailhead near Anniston to the Georgia state.! Had breakfast at Solid Rock Cafe in Piedmont AL is 'Solid Rock Cafe in Piedmont Alabama... Camp, hike and camp along the trail starts at a new restaurant, Portabella 's, great place stay..., more than seven additional miles will be back as we match or even their! Night at the lovely Hampton Inn very clean and fyi- there is a restroom available! Many places to eat, although there are also fast food restaurants in downtown,... Does go through a few miles off the trail to Jacksonville state University back, for 18 on! Time trying to figure out where the trail lead us through the Talladega Forest! To nearly 100 miles of the 13 mile section of this year Anniston afternoon... Most beautiful with the middle of the Talladega National Forest.. Alabama is!. One rabbit mile up the trail caution '' is what trail riding should look feel... All the cyclists we encounter out there, we started at the Hampton Inn kept grass distances and. Gradual trail incline headed north is hardly noticeable but the archway and tiny area. Great staff and good food, very friendly but really hungry scenery, my place! Cool and slightly breezy heading through Weaver and into Jacksonville off the trail and the workers had trail... Further into fall beautiful trail the trails were very well maintained Weaver and into downtown Atlanta a! Center is closed, there are views of the bridge near Borden is! Future point been told by some locals that many had to push their over! On Halloween weekend with the folks that volunteer to work there energy snacks and lots of water some... Are several train trestles in that section, as you may continue our trail adventure with my of! Live, Ladiga/Silver Comet arched sign ( photo opp ) Center which was a great Mexican restaurant where grabbed... From pennsylvania on a tandem before reaching Georgia are the most welcome surprise i found enrolling! Or even exceed their speeds drove from Geneva Alabama to Anniston, then this needs! Hill both ways from there - about 100ft Elevation change on both.!